We got a phone call this morning to say that we had an appointment with the magistrate on Friday at 8am for the signing of the court order (for us to be official foster parents of Myron). We were pleased that a time and date had been set; however not too long later we got a phone call from our lawyer’s office to say that we should go right now to the magistrate. So we did. Apparently our lawyer said that Friday was too long to wait and had contacted the magistrate to organise for the prompt meeting. We waited a while until she returned from lunch and low and behold, we now have the official court order! We are so excited that it is now official! Myron was certainly chatty during the very official meeting, mostly naming nouns he could see around the room.


Some of you may notice that we have changed Myron’s Acholi name from ‘Otukene’ to ‘Kimara’. He was given the name Otukene in the children’s home which means ‘grew from nowhere’; we thought ‘Kimara’ was much more fitting – meaning one who is loved.

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  1. cassie says:

    Yay, we had been praying about this. What a good lawyer you have, are they a local? And I like the last name for Myron, when you adopt him, will he be an Unterrheiner? If so, best to start on the spelling and pronouncing of that now, took awhile for me to get, lol! And so is it now a year you need to wait before offically adopting? xo

    • Thanks Cassie. Yeah, we do have a good lawyer. Only really needed to use him now. He is local. After adoption he will be an Unterrheiner, will possibly make Kimara his middle name. Yep, now we wait one year before we can apply to officially adopt. Will probably try and get his birth certificate soon. xx

  2. Cameron says:

    So Awesome!

  3. lathropranch1@frontier.com says:

    Answered prayer!

  4. bernicecolin says:

    Congratulations. We are so happy for you all Love Colin and Bernice xxx

    Sent from Surface

  5. Gerda says:

    Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations.x

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