Update of our dealings with the probation officer in trying to get the official care order for Myron:

I visited Tuesday last week to meet the probation officer who said I should have come in on the previous Thursday because her colleague who I n
eeded to see was in. She apparently told him to call me, but he
said he didn’t have any phone credit to do so. She then said he would be in the following Thursday (two days ago). So we all turned up on Thursday, waited for an hour and a half and the probation officer finally rings her colleague who we need to see and he said he would be there 9am sharp the next day and we should meet him then. No apology of course (not that wewaiting expect one). 9am sharp I go in with Myron; again we wait for over two hours. At this point the actual probation officer is getting a little embarrassed so she started to say that she could fill the form out and her colleague could just sign it. I replied what a great idea! Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the forms she needed to fill out so we have to wait again…


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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    That’s terrible. What a waste of time not least all the emotional drain it puts on you all. Will pray for a quick resolution and speeding up of the process. Love you lots Diane & Mark x

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