If you can squeeze a spare 6 minutes and 57 seconds, please watch the video posted by our dear Kiwi friends Nick and Tessa Laing (on their blog). Nick and Tessa are also out here in Gulu and Tessa has been working extremely hard to get a law passed to ban the sale of alcohol sachets – cheap alcohol sachets containing the equivalent of four shots. This is a BIG PROBLEM in this area. Thanks Nick and Tessa for all your work! Enlightening, encouraging, inspiring… love them!


Last Tuesday was a milestone in our ‘Wakonye Kenwa’ group’s long struggle to bring alcohol regulation to Gulu town, and ban sachet alcohol. Over a year ago we coordinated a march to deliver over 10,000 signatures to the local District Government to ensure they completed the law: we marched from a church to the District. This time, the march started at the District where our law was passed, and ended at Gulu Main Market, the District’s commercial hub where enforcement will start.

Check out our highlights video, including some of my favorite moments:

  • “Don’t drink sachets, drink…. porridge!” (Confused? Here you definitely ‘drink’ porridge, not eat it. Preferably with added peanut butter and lemon juice, mmmm).
  • One of Gulu’s beloved ‘street personalities’ dancing to two 11 year-old gangsta’s Acholi rap about the harms of alcohol consumption.
  • Our Resident District Commissioner (a top position in the District) drilling the crowd on…

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