It is the middle of the wet season here. There are two wet seasons in Gulu, but we are in the middle of the ‘big rains’. Last night was one of those nights. Loud cracks of thunder (never heard cracks of thunder quite like in Uganda). I wake at about 1.30am. First instinct: I should let the dogs in. A stumble out of bed to find one dog cowering near the side door of our hut, seeking shelter, and the other dog (neighbour’s) cowering near the front door getting wet. Dogs inside, back in bed. A lay for a while then my second thought: I should check the roof: I get up again, thankfully there is power (not always the case lately). I look around and find the roof leaking inside in three places. I put containers under these drips and move away things that could get wet. Our grass-thatched roof doesn’t normally leak, but it has done a couple of times during really intense rain. I then return to bed. Third thought. What is that smell? Firstly, blame Daniel. Quickly corrected, not Daniel. Must be the dog. Of course it is the neighbour’s dog, our dog would never make a smell like that. Dan’s turn: please take the dog out – can’t sleep with that awful smell! Dog refuses to move (we just brought him in from the rain, now we are forcing him out again!) After a lot of pushing and shoving, dog outside. Dan goes outside with dog, comes back in again. It’s not the dog, there’s just too much water, the sewerage is flooded and is coming up in the backyard. Oh dear. Bring the dog back inside, apologise to the dog. Spray. Then back to bed.

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Oh dear! Hope you were able to fix the problem!


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