Quite a lot of children in our area go to a government school near us, it’s the cheapest one around, hence its attraction. One of the boys who visits us for ad-hoc tutoring goes along to this school. He is in year 3 and couldn’t read one word a few months ago. Some of his peers are also having similar struggles. I had recently decided to put a hold on training teachers in government schools. Only because I am already working with quite a number of government schools and follow-up is proving quite challenging. I thought I would waiver my agreement just for this one school, possibly out of slightly selfish reasons because I am tired of tutoring these children at such a basic level. I had a training planned for a private school down the road for three days this week. I invited the reception/kindergarten to grade 3 teachers along to the training from the government school, we had a lovely three afternoons together and I was quite impressed with the level of engagement of these government teachers.

This afternoon the boy returned again to do some reading, he was very excited to tell me that his teacher was teaching him the same way I was in the afternoon. ‘We did S-a-m sam; and s-a-t sat’. I also shared his excitement. Phonics is working!

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Such awesome news! Thanks for sharing. 😊


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