This week the local community showed their support for the work we and local schools are doing by bringing along their own chairs for some teacher training. We conducted teacher training over three half days at a local nursery school. About 30 teachers from five different schools attended the training. The host nursery school is quite new and as yet doesn’t have any chairs for adults so they asked the community members to help out. It was quite beautiful to see a classroom jam-packed with chairs from the huts around the school. I don’t know how they manage to return them all after each session, but I think there was certainly some great organisation involved 🙂

At the end of the training the director gave a little motivational speech to the teachers – it was quite touching. She explained how Kampala was always the area mentioned for good education in Uganda, never Gulu. But in about five years time she believes we will see the fruits of these training sessions and the whole of northern Uganda will be transformed. We are praying that this will become a reality.



I think the owner of this chair made sure that it would be returned to them – their name is etched into it.

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    May it be so! Love your work Jode…your approach of empowering the locals is inspiring and will be what contributes highly to the fulfilment of your goals. 💟


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