Gloria, an 11-year-old girl who lives nearby, came to see us earlier in the year. She now regularly visits us and asks us for homework questions. What is so lovely to see is she absolutely loves reading! She was attending a private school last year but since her father recently passed away her mother has moved her to one of the local government primary schools near us. She absolutely devours books and I’m sure she will read my limited collection before the year is out. We went to visit her and her family yesterday, received some lovely Acholi hospitality and had a nice time with her family. Gloria’s mother only completed one year of primary education. She can’t read or write but over lunch we all decided that Gloria is going to teach her. During our little homework sessions I am teaching Gloria a few little skills so she can teach her mother how to read and write. She is beginning today – exciting times! It is such a privilege to serve the local community like this and see young girls like Gloria really being empowered through education.

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