News just in… we have been donated a classroom to help with our work with schools here in Gulu (pretty flipping amazing!), however we need your help to get it ready for use.

The classroom will be primarily used as a demonstration/training classroom. We will use it as a base for training teachers in improved methods of teaching reading and writing.

The classroom will also serve as a resource room and office space. The host school (Holy Rosary Primary School) is a local government primary school and has been kind enough to donate the space rent free. However it needs a little work done first. We need to put some shutters on the windows (so the heavy rains in the wet season do not destroy our hard work inside); as well as some furniture, a little plastering and some paintwork.

The school is also willing to donate some desks, chairs and mini chalkboards for us to use, which all need a little work.

Here is what it looks like now:

If you are able to help chip in to make this happen, I would really appreciate it! Just click here


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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Wow Jode! You just keep going from strength to strength. Hope you get more than you hoped for and can do greater things than you expected. Also…minor detail…there’s a typo in your last sentence. Just in case you care about such things. If not just ignore my comment. 💟


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