Well this long-awaited and much-anticipated meeting with education big wigs finally happened yesterday (23rd). How do you address officials from the Ministry of Education, National Curriculum Development Centre, university and teaching college representatives and other literacy consultants? Why with a sock puppet, some singing, and stickers of course 🙂 The main reason of the meeting was to give some feedback on a reading program which (in my vocal opinion) has a lot of gaps. Everyone was very receptive with what I had to say. My video projector for the presentation went flat half way through, so I did spend the lunch break eating with one hand and holding the wobbly and sensitive socket with the other. But made it! I was able to also show a small sample of a video of reading lessons from Gulu which shocked the participants. Possibly a little arrogantly, they didn’t think they would see anything like that come from Gulu. Well I’m glad that they did! And we in Gulu are only going to get better and better at teaching reading!

Who knows how much impact the meeting will have. Hopefully when considering new policies and curriculum review in the future they will consider a lot of the things shared.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Awesome! We prayed for your meeting. You can only do your part and sounds like you are doing so well and hope some positive changes come from it for the people. And I really like how you’ve challenged them to think more highly of the Gulu people. You are both amazing. Love Cas n Az

    • Thanks so much for praying Cassie! The National Curriculum’s head of early childhood (3-9 years) said she felt sick in the middle of the night and possibly shouldn’t have been there. She prayed, said to herself, I really need to be at this meeting! Then felt better – pretty awesome! Putting out a better DVD of example reading and writing lessons from some Gulu teachers here and hoping to challenge them even more soon!
      Thanks again for your support.

  2. Diane Parsons says:

    The expression sock it to them comes to mind! But well done and I’m sure they must have gone away thinking a bit more about what they learnt. Love Di x

    • lol. I think I did try to ‘sock it to them’. I think they will have something to think about, let’s hope it stays in their thoughts 🙂 xx

  3. Yee tuk says:

    Wow! Sounds amazing !

  4. Rhon and Brendan Gillis says:

    Dear Dan and Jody,
    Sounds like you are making quite an impression with all of your good work over there. Love to you both xx

    • Thanks Rhonda and Brendan! Appreciate the encouragement. Slowly making inroads I think, but it is certainly at a slow pace 🙂 Lovely to hear from you guys! xxx

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