Life isn’t always smooth sailing, no matter where you live!

Just want to share a couple of the little bumps that are on the surface at the moment.

  1. Printing some new teaching reading manuals. I have tried to print about 400 manuals from Kampala (better quality there… one would think). The sample looked great! But when the books arrived, the cover was smaller than the pages, significantly smaller! How does that even happen? And then on closer inspection, some of the pages were upside down or not printed at all. Hmmmm. Sent them back down to Kampala. Got another sample sent up. For some reason this sample manual had the pages chopped off at the side, quite a considerable ‘chop’, so a lot of the text was missing. Hmmmm. Now trying a third attempt…
  2. There is a girl who helps us a little with washing the clothes and mopping – I know, awesome hey! One of the perks of living in Uganda. We did have a blip in our relationship when she ate some of our treasured chocolate from the UK. Thought we had moved on from this though, after a big discussion about stealing and trust. Today, after she finished cleaning and just before leaving, she tells me that she is heading off to catering school. Well that’s exciting! Although would have appreciated the heads-up a little bit earlier. A little later, when about to put my sunscreen on, I discovered that the one-litre pump bottle was gone; along with my face sunscreen. Replaceable, but not in Uganda. And sometimes it’s not the actual item that really annoys you, but the principle and how someone you had trusted has let you down.

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  1. Lauren B says:

    You should maybe give Eyeconic in Gulu a shot? They were always great for me

    • Thanks Lauren. I have been to Eyeconic, but found them just a little pricey. Although did discover a great place in town called U-Touch. Definitely trying them out soon!

  2. cassie says:

    Oh that would be frustrating and hopefully not costing too much with the printing….we have have different problems but very frustrating ones with the electricity companies here for the last 3-4 months….some things that seem so easy to do, apparently are not always so easy!……and nice you have little visitors that like to help out around the house :)…..I wonder whats going on in her mind, could she be thinking, “oh its not really stealing they are rich and are missionaries and like to give?” Or “I’ve helped them with housework, so its my pay” Or “I’ll just borrow it?”…..I don’t know, I am just wondering if she is seeing it all differently or if she is fully aware that she is stealing and is stealing a common habit in that area?….though you did have that talk after the chocolate….that’s a tricky one. We had an Indian guy steal from our ywam leader in India and it was hard, we wanted to still have an open heart to him and have him join us, but it wasn’t okay what he was doing… our leader needed his items, just like you. one thing is, you do have interesting stories to share through all of this 🙂 and I’m sure Gods growing you guys heaps through it and you’re learning alot too. Thinking of you both, take care, keep well and safe and enjoying, love Cas

  3. Hey Cassie,
    Thanks for the message. Sorry you had troubles with the electricity companies for your new place, they can be pretty frustrating can’t they!
    They are very good questions you have asked. And things I have also thought and pondered about (found a few more things missing since though, so not easy…) possibly a sense of entitlement, an opportunity because she is leaving (and didn’t tell me until she was literally leaving right now!)
    She should definitely be aware that this is a problem. She goes to church nearby and would be aware from a Biblical point of view, however there is such a big ‘prosperity gospel message’ here that this could be considered an ‘opportunity’… I am not really sure. Learning through this though. Although don’t necessarily know if we are learning good things, finding it harder to trust people.
    Thanks for sharing this journey with us!
    Lots of love,

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