Over time we grow to know ourselves better. One of the parts of my character that has started to rear its ugly head recently is selfishness, and specifically with certain types of foods (namely: Haribo brand sweets, chocolate and cheese, not necessarily in that order, but specifically chocolate and cheese from the west). I have become like a scrooge during the depression, rationing out gifted Haribo packets with great self-control. Who would have ever thought that an opened packet of sweets could last that long? Marriage vows of sharing become a little more grey: “you have the licorice, I eat the Haribo, that’s how it works around here” (and besides, I don’t like licorice so win-win for me!) Chocolate, unfortunately, has to be consumed in one sitting: too hot for rationing out over more than one hour. Short-term advantages there. Cheese, oh cheese, you are my stumbling block… I really do like to share you with friends nearby, but I like you to always be around, close to me so I can always know you will be there if I need you. There’s no win-win there. Just me, the selfish cheese girl. I am aware of this ugly trait, of last night I was adamant not to chacheesenge, but today, after some pointed reflection time, perhaps one of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to be more generous with cheese – I will try!


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