Riding to a school nearby, I see a child laying prostrate on the ground. I ride up to him and ask is he ok and all he can get out is tmalaria_piche word ‘malaria’. I quickly turn around and get help as I can’t hold the boy on the bike by myself (and our office was only a few hundred metres away). I return with a colleague and the boy was absolutely limp! Couldn’t even stand up for himself. So we load him on the bike and he sits betw
een us and we drive him to the local hospital, Lacor. We found out that his mother works at the hospital (a cleaner). We take the boy in and I am immediately somewhat worried about the length of the queue – there is over 200 people in outpatients. In anycase, we bypass them, find a nurse and soon his mother and leave him in their care. She thanks us and we are off.

I drop my colleague off and return to my journey to the school (remembering this school is possibly 400m away from the workplace). Whilst returning from school I come across another child on the ground with a girl standing over her. I see she has been vomiting and she is curled up with
stomach pain. So I quickly load them on the bike: the girl was also very limp, I could feel she had little control on the back, but her sister was supporting her. I took her to a local health clinic called St Phillip’s, primarily because I know the manager and a nurse there.

Both were bad cases of malaria which is on the rise big time at the moment. We went through an epidemic about 6 months ago and I have a bad feeling it is returning. Please pray.



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