This week we started filming! We are making a phonics DVD as a teaching resource for local schools. It will include examples of good phonics lessons in local schools, as well as phonics songs, and guides on how to pronounce the sounds and sound and read words. Teachers have been asking for this resource for a long time, so it is wonderful to finally start to produce it! We were filming at Mercy’s Village Primary School today, a school I have been working with for about a year – I love visiting this school!

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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    What a great plan. Getting education on screen at the local cinema screens to replace the stuff they watch! Well done.

    • Thanks Di! Not sure if it will actually make it to the big screen, but hoping at least a head teacher can show on a laptop and teachers can crowd around and watch. I am planning to hopefully hold a launch next year when the DVD is out and I have updated my manual. Then I will show sections of the DVD on a big screen as a bit of a promo, hopefully get head teachers and head of infant teachers excited about phonics.

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