Yesterday during the church service the preacher (an elder) shared during one of his many tangents that he and most men love their wives 20 per cent; whilst women love their husbands around 70 per cent.

I could get very depressed about this statement about the current state of relationships and gender-based values; or I could try to put on my Lorax-head and think positively… The Lorax_Fotor

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. Dr Seuss, The Lorax. 

Later, in the church tithing basket, someone had donated two dried fish. Standard local practice is that they get auctioned off during the service and the money goes back in the offering. A youth did the auctioning, urging husbands to buy the fish to show their wives they love them. A gentleman at the back of the church bought them for 5000 shillings (about £1 or $2). He said he wanted the preacher to have them to take home to his wife.

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