A little over three weeks ago I posted that the agricultural training was about to begin, so… it has begun!

In my opinion, we have recruited a really good teacher who seems to know his stuff! We have had a really good response from the students and, importantly, a really good response from the seeds, which are progressing well in the nursery bed. One third of the students are sisters from local convents and there’s one catechist from the local Anglican – so it’s quite a spiritual group and they all work very hard and are really proud of the growing rate so far (I am as well 🙂 )

We haven’t quite finished the pig pen, which you will see from the pictures, but it is well on the way… we are still running a bit short on cash for the last construction phase, we will just have to go until the money runs out.

Additionally, we have just commissioned an excavator to come in (photos to follow in the future), to hopefully dig a reservoir that we will be able to use for very simple irrigation for our crops. We also hope to use it for a place of recreation… still dreaming ideas. I have been told that the excavator operator has organised for someone to sit on the side of the road to wait for a ‘low-bed’ (a trailer to carry the excavator) to drive past. This is his second day of waiting, however we hear there’s quite a few on their way back from South Sudan, so he shouldn’t be waiting for too much longer.



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