Monday (13th) will be the first day of our agricultural training course. We are training 20 students (so keeping it small) in new agricultural skills and practices. These students that have enrolled are mostly young ladies with children; and we are training them so they can sustain themselves and their family with a small income from a town plot.

One challenge to the locals has been people relocating to the towns to look for better income; but unfortunately as there are so many of them with minimal qualifications, they find it very difficult. These skills should teach them how to maximise small residential plots.

Meanwhile on site, we have 10-15 guys going hard at preparations; unfortunately we will not be physically ready but we will start anyway. I am not so concerned, however, as part of the training will be the students assisting to construct pig pens, build a cement water tank and set up drip irrigation.

Pray for wisdom as I lead this. I made a schoolboy error of paying the workers on a Friday, so half of them didn’t turn up the next day.

In the photos: Foundations of a pig pen, and ploughing – getting ready for the agriculture project.




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  1. ntlaing says:

    Looking awesome Dan, keep digging!

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