Well… the long awaited head teacher’s meeting finally came! It was only about five weeks late, but hey, who’s counting? The Gulu Municipal Schools Inspector called the meeting and about 35-40 head teachers from Gulu municipal primary schools were present, that is a pretty amazing attendance rate really (out of the 59 primary schools in town).

I spoke at the meeting and had a brilliant response afterwards! I gave every head teacher present my contact details, and afterwards about four head teachers came to see me to organise me to do some training at their school. I am now booked up for the next three weeks which is pretty exciting! Starting with Gulu Prison Primary School this week. The meeting could not have gone any better. I am really encouraged by the response and the privilege I have to work with all these local primary schools in a much needed area.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the meeting and who has been praying for my work here.

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  1. Chris Reveley says:

    Great news and an amazing step forward in your work. Every blessing as you start to develop the new contacts.

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for the note and encouragement! Yes it was a very good step forward! Much love, Dan and Jodes x

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