Welcome to our first experiment on making our own little local refrigerator. We have solar for lighting and small charging (which is awesome) but not nearly enough electricity to run a refrigerator. We don’t necessarily need a fridge, but it would be lovely to keep milk from going off overnight. Last year we did have town electricity, however the power was off more than it was on so our refrigerator was more of a ‘glorified cupboard’.

Today we bought two large clay pots. One to keep water cool (which is what most locals use); and the other to try and keep some small items a little cooler (such as UHT milk, juice and a few vegetables). We have filled one ¾ with water and inserted a small plastic container with items inside, and covered with a lid. We are told by locals that the post will leak for a couple of weeks since they are new but we await to see how it all works… fridge_1B Inside_fridge

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  1. Leah says:

    Hi guys, how is the fridge going? Hope it is doings the trick

  2. Hey Leah,
    Well it’s not amazing but is working pretty well. Keeps the milk coolish for a couple of days. And certainly keeps the green peppers (capsicums) and carrots fresh for at least a week – so that’s a bonus! Not so amazing with fruit juice though 😦

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