Yesterday I visited the local government primary teacher’s college to do some ad-hoc lecturing on pImagehonics. During discussions around the staffroom table I learnt that the pass mark for mathematics and science was recently dropped considerably across primary teaching colleges nation-wide. The pass mark is normally 40 per cent (that is still very generous). However I was told that because the science and mathematics results were so low, tutors feared that too many students would fail and not enough teachers would graduate and fill the demand of teaching positions. So, in great wisdom the science pass mark was dropped to 30 per cent and the mathematics pass mark fell to 25 per cent. These are the future teachers of Uganda! The primary education system is already in a dire state with poor academic results, however I fear that the future looks bleak with results like this.

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  1. Judy says:

    Seems to me that the teachers of the teachers need to improve

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