One of our neighbours turns 18 on Friday. His dad is an alcoholic, lives in the village and spends most of the family money on alcohol. He lives next to us with his aunt. He works very hard for her in his spare time in exchange for her paying his school fees, accommodation and food. He’s a very trustworthy, honest young man, met few like him here. Chatting today with him and he asked us what we would buy him for his birthday (that’s the way they do it here, even more direct than us!) We suggested a chicken to have a meal with him but he didn’t seem too fussed on that one… so we asked him. What does he want? Daniel to take him for a drive in the car.

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  1. Did you expect this answer?
    It has never crossed my mind as I was reading your post through…

    Greetings to our dear friends:)

  2. Leah says:

    Love it!

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