Dan goes to a piggery with an Acholi mate to buy a couple of pigs. After selecting their first fine specimen our mate goes to take the first one to the ute. “Won’t you need to tie it down?” asks Dan. “It will jump out won’t it?” “No” says our mate, “it won’t get out”. After selecting his second beauty Dan walks to the car and discovers that the first pig is actually ‘in’ the car, not ‘in’ the tray back as he had assumed… “What were you thinking!” He exclaims! Pig jumping around the front seat… leaving us quite a few presents! A very good clean later… outside and in!

2 responses »

  1. Diane Parsons says:

    Reminded me of the pigs on the bikes we saw! What a great story. Thinking of you guys lots. Love Diane

  2. Bianca williams says:

    That’s hilarious:). So many new experiences. Xx love you guys

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