For the past two days I have taught all of the second year student teachers at the Gulu primary teaching college phonics – and had a ball! Very funny teaching them actions for sounds and watching them pretending to be mice, aeroplanes and ducks 🙂 Back again for two more days of fun next week. Still feeling my way and my purpose in Gulu but definitely feel this is part of it. Feel blessed to be able to teach some of the future teachers of Gulu. Developing a good partnership with the teachers college and plan to work alongside them for the rest of this year and next year. Having taught for six months at Layibi Techo has certainly given me a good grounding for this… Still working on the balancing act of where to spend all my time and my purpose here…


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  1. Cathy Edwards says:

    Hello Jody,
    Cathy Edwards writing. I need some explanation regarding the work that you are doing, and clearly enjoying doing, with the student teachers in Gulu. Have I guessed correctly that upon seeing your work in the classroom, we need to engage her to work with our elementary teachers because what she is doing works? That’s my educated guess. If you get a chance to reply to my mailbox, I’d love to catch up. And if our are reading this, Ellie Povey, I’d dearly love to hear from you too, at the sane email address.
    I loved the short video of the debate against the students; it was wonderful to see you in context, in your modest clothing speaking so earnestly on behalf of the value of education
    Enjoying these posts incredibly!

  2. pamnicklin says:

    Hey Jodes _ sounds like you are having some fun? Please say hello to your class from me and I hope to be back next year to help out !! Pam x

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