After patiently waiting outside immigration for about two hours we clamber inside carrying all documents we have been asked to bring (the folder under my arm is thicker than an Australian hamburger!) Once inside, the gentlemen quickly flicks through… asserts we need three more documents; one was a copy of the TEAMS constitution with a stamp in the top right corner. We have almost every possible official document of TEAMS with us except this one: how could they possibly want more? We asked for more information about this other official TEAMS document, he goes over to the shelf where there is clearly an order amongst the disorderly files: he pulls out a file containing ALL official government documents for The East African Missionary Society – shows us this ‘missing’ piece of paper we need, and says we need to bring in a photocopy of this document. We couldn’t help but laugh. “You have the document right here, can’t you photocopy it?” He certainly didn’t see the funny side. “No, you need to bring me in a copy.” A few hours later, and thanks to my amazing parents, Tatton, Sook and Liam for helping out with these ‘missing documents’ we return to hear we have all the right documents now – praise God! But we need to return tomorrow with a photocopy of all of them (one for the NGO Board and one for Immigration) – oh, and we also need to buy the correct manilla folder for them to file our application in 🙂 Slowly slowly… as they say here mot mot – but at least the ball is rolling!

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  1. Sook says:

    Are you sure you don’t need those receipts Dan to go in that manilla folder?

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