Well here is one class in action – yep the sound is on! Hard at work working on adjectives 🙂 I taught my little heart out for this lesson. Equivalent to about year 5 and the first time they had heard of an adjective – eeeek! Sorry about the shaky camera work. Class number is ‘only’ about 85 at the moment, but they are rising every day as parents pay for school fees. Take a look at the imaginative display board at the back of the class 🙂

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  1. e_cate@yahoo.com.au says:

    Dear Jody,

    Just watched your diligent class copying down work from the blackboard in almost total silence (one could almost hear them breathing). All boys? Very tall or older than what we’d expect in yr 5? I’m off to take a Uni/TAFE class in a moment and will tell you all about it when I return. I hope they have heard of adjectives! They are doing a “study link” course in order to get into Uni. More later. Love, Cathy.

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