My mind has been humming with lots of questions and thoughts that I am trying to process. Have met parents who have had to take their children out of school because they can’t afford school fees. Other parents can’t afford to send their children to school at all. And then hearing of children fortunate enough to have an education, but receiving low results, possibly because of large class sizes and poor resources – human and physical.

Prosperity messages and talk of money is everywhere! Education is needed to make money but education costs money. Money is required when marrying a girl (dowry), and the higher the girl’s education the higher the dowry. And if a couple have a child out of wedlock then under cultural law the man must pay the woman’s family a ‘fine’. Again, the more educated the woman, the higher the fine.

The ‘cycle of poverty’ is far more complex than I can understand.

One of the eight Millennium Development Goals is to achieve universal primary education. Possible if education is free.

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    So true…that poverty is complex. Love hearing your thinking out loud. Love the millennium goals’

  2. Elle Povey says:

    Wow intense guys. Such a confronting experience, & so many questions coming up I hear. How money is used in society, how society runs on money, & people living in poverty because they’re trapped in that. So wanting to hear more & share your experience & explorations there.

    Have you got a camera phone? Love to see pics if it’s doable too. You’re painting a vivid picture. Lots of love xx

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