Thank you to our team of faithful friends and family who are praying for us!

We hope to regularly update this page to make it easier for you…

Prayer requests

  • Funding for our teacher trainers and expanding our team of staff at READ for Life.
  • Wisdom as there are staff changes and we expand our team of teachers for READ for Life.
  • For the READ for Life team in Uganda whilst Jody is in Australia. That they can step up to this challenge and work well as a team.
  • For Myron as he adjusts to this new culture (Australia) and sometimes can be a little overwhelmed.

Praise points:

  • We have safely landed in Australia, attended a beautiful wedding for Dan’s sister Elyce and are currently having a fabulous time catching up with family and friends.
  • We have just completed reading assessments in 85 primary schools in Gulu. This was a pretty big effort! We are now inputting results and then analysing them – this will help to inform priorities for next year.
  • For how incredibly well Myron is adjusting to life here in Australia, spending time with his cousins and the wonderful welcome he has received from everyone!

(Updated December 29th, 2018).


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